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We wanted to provide a summation on the coverage and the process should the unfortunate circumstance should arise and a player is injured during a MWF Sanctioned Event.

Should a player become injured, notify the Coach right away. Any injuries that occur during a sanctioned event should be reported to MWF so we can assist in ensuring you are informed and the event is handled efficiently and promptly. We want to make sure we take care of our players in the best possible way we can.

If there is a serious injury that would stop a player from returning to play and medical attention be required, the player needs to be cleared by a physician before return to play to ensure they are not further injured. Please see the attached “Return to Play” Form to be submitted to Risk Management via the Head Coach should it be required.

Should the injury be more prolonged, Hockey Canada has a Supplemental Insurance Plan. You will have to run the player through their own/parents private insurance. Once that coverage is exhausted, Hockey Canada will engage their coverage.

A Injury form will have to be completed within 90 days of the injury and submitted as per the instructions on the form.  Failure to do this, will result in the claim not being accepted.

This is only a small information package pertaining to the program and its coverage. 

Please see the downloadable forms should you need them and there is also a downloadable brochure with more information.

For complete information, please click on the link below: