2023 Evaluations and Tryouts


We're excited to hit the ice this weekend with our first round of tryouts! We ask that you take the time to read the documents provided to help better understand the process and MWF's expectations. 

Please keep a few things in mind during this time: 

  • Under no circumstances will requests for movement of players to different groups be accepted.
  • Please be there no less than 30 minutes prior to each evaluation.
  • All players must wear a MWF evaluation jersey, which will be provided at your first session. Players are not to trade their jersey at any time. 
  • All private pant shells, socks are prohibited from evaluations. Players must wear plain or MWF socks.
  • Groups will remain the same for the first three (3) sessions. 
  • All questions regarding tryouts are to be directed to our VP of Hockey Standards at: vphockeystandards@metrowestforce.com

Good luck to all our Players and don't forget to have fun and work hard!

President's Message

You can review the presidents message here 

Try-Outs FAQs

You can review the FAQs here 

Evalution Process

You can review the evaluation process here  

Tryout Schedule

You can review the general (player + goalie) try-out schedule here  

The goalie only schedule can be found here (*** Updated Sept 27th ***)

Tryout Drills

You can review the tryout drills here 

Group Assignments