SMU Skills Development

MWF is excited to release the schedule for Wednesday night Development sessions.  We acknowledge that there have been some growing pains this year with a growing organization (good problem) and lack of ice in HRM, but through the challenges has emerged a great opportunity and Partnership with SMU Hockey.  These are extra sessions provided by the association and are NOT charged back to teams or take away from your allotted number of seasonal practices.
SMU hockey had stepped up to help not only with ice time but to create a partnership with SMU Varsity players and our MWF players, "See Her, Be Her!" in action.  The scheduled sessions below will give our MWF athletes the opportunity to interact on ice and learn from SMU Varsity players.
Coaches what do you need to know:
  • MWF coaches are needed to be on the ice to help facilitate the sessions
  • MWF coaches are expected to review the practice plans which will be a focus on fundamentals skills.  The practice plans are also shared with Chris Larade and in turn the players, however these players are balancing highly demanding schedules of their time so MWF coaches should be prepared to get stations rolling and SMU players can offer coaching and assistance.  If the SMU players appear well briefed on the lessons and eager to lead stations let's encourage that.
  • Please ensure the SMU Varsity athletes feel welcome to lead drills if they so choose and offer corrections to players as they work on these skills daily and have a lot to offer our players.
We are truly hoping this is an opportunity we can grow in the future so hopefully we can keep the experience as positive as possible.  These players are at the top of their game right now and leading the nation in CIS so this is all stuff for our MWF players to be excited about!
Thanks Coaches!