First Call


METRO WEST FORCE is now accepting applications for our NEW Metro West Force "FIRST CALL" program.


An overview of this program follows. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS: please contact ARIC@METROWESTFORCE.COM


Our first sessions start September 25th so please register ASAP @



This is a FIRST OF ITS KIND program offering an avenue for introducing and attracting current and past players to becoming a female official within our organization and in Nova Scotia. 


  1. Provide females the opportunity to explore, learn and experience being an on-ice official with no obligation 
  2. “See her, be her”: Learn what it means to be a female official, the opportunities it can bring, and how to get involved from current elite female officials in our province
  3. Increase the number of female officials in the province year-over-year


Our program will consist of both ON ICE and CLASSROOM sessions and include lots of support.


  • On-ice sessions      
    • Power skating session
    • Introduction and training to the basics of officiating in an on-ice scenario
  • Classroom sessions 
    • Introduction to key concepts of officiating in an off-ice scenario
    • “See her, be her”. Hear about first-hand experiences from current elite officials and specifically MWF's very own Shauna Neary and Morgan Greek!!
    • Learn about what opportunities officiating can bring
    • Video highlighting females at professional levels in various sports
    • Information on how to get involved and next step to becoming an official (how to sign up for a clinic, what is expected, what gear you need, etc.)
  • Support 
    • Critical mentoring, guidance, tips, tricks 
    • Financial support to help cover incidentals, registration, etc.

WHO: Female hockey players (current or past) – All age groups are invited to participate!!! U15 (or higher) and past players will be prioritized, but we wont turn anyone away.


  • U15 age category and up (age 13+) are prioritized as there are no barrier to signing up for required certification clinics and getting on the ice to officiate games (even potentially in year!!).
  • Understanding the CRITICAL role our official play, seeing the game from a different angle, and recognizing the importance of a respectful relationship between OFFICIAL, PLAYER, COACH and FAN are key benefits of being involved regardless of age.

WHEN: First session Saturday September 25th!!!


  • The early season start is set to ensure participants, who wish to do so, can sign up for referee clinics in our zone 
  • NOTE – HNS Clinic Clinics are offered virtually, and will take 1 evening of commitment. Sessions will start SEP 27!
  • For more info please go to:


  • Officiating provides an opportunity for our athletes to see another side of the game and another avenue through which they can participate and carry-on their love for the game Continues to highlight the critical role our Officials play within our organization and to our game