COVID-19 Policy



Revised (September 26th, 2021)

This outlines the Roles and Responsibilities for Metro West Force Hockey Association (MWFHA) COVID-19 Policy. This would be for the interest of MWFHA and its participants. The Responsibilities and Requirements were developed based on guidelines set by Hockey Nova Scotia (HNS), the HNS Rebound Plan, and the Provincial Department of Health.

The following Roles and Responsibilities listed below are non-negotiable.

This document is a live document and will be updated if/when the HNS Rebound Plan is updated and provincial public health restrictions change. If the document is changed, it will be communicated as required.
Responsibility and Requirements for Players/Parents:

  • Evaluate the player for fitness for play (COVID-19 symptoms) in conjunction with the HNS Screening Tool and screening is entered in Team Snap.
  • Arrive with Players 15 minutes before Ice time.
  • Ensure any player with symptoms of COVID-19 does not attend any MWFHA event.

Responsibility and Requirement for the Coaches:

  • If a player becomes ill on the ice. Isolate player off ice and contact parent.
  • Head Coach ensures there is a Team Safety Representative .

Note: Players and coaches are not required to give notice to the Association if they contract COVID-19. Public health will contact the Association if required, as well as any close contacts of the positive case. However, if players and coaches consent to sharing this information with the Association, it would be appreciated
Responsibility and Requirements for the Team Safety Representative:

  • Familiarize themselves with the position requirements as per HNS.
  • Complete training as required by MWFHA and HNS.
  • Ensure COVID-19 Policy is adhered to within the facility under MWF Contract.
  • Ensure player is fit for play on arrival and refuse if need be as per Rebound Plan.
  • Ensure spectators, coaches and players are screened as per the HNS Vaccination Policy and Rebound Plan.
  • Disseminate reference materials to Parents/Players/Staff as necessary.
  • Liaise with Team Manager for Exhibition Games to ensure visiting team is compliant with current MWFHA and Facility guidelines.
  • If a complaint is received in relation to refusal of admission or screening, defer complaint to Risk Management.
  • Facilitate required paperwork for insurances if required. (IE: Hockey Canada Injury Form, etc)

Metro West Force Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • Disseminate updated COVID-19 Materials to the Team Safety Representative as necessary.
  • Disseminate Facility requirements/updates to be complied by.
  • Disseminate reference materials to Parents/Players/Staff as necessary.
  • Respond to governing agencies as required for COVID-19 tracking purposes as required.
  • Update Policy as required to meet provincial public health guidelines and HNS Rebound Plan.

Note: If a player is identified as COVID-19 positive by public health, public health will contact any close contacts of the individual. Public health may or may not contact the Association depending on the case investigation. If public health contacts the Association, a notification will be sent to the players who participated in the same event.