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MWF - Executive Positions Available - Update

Good Day MWF Families,
As you know our AGM will be held on Sunday, June 2, 2024 at 6:30pm at the HRM 4-Pad in the multi-purpose room.  
There are several positions open on the Executive including:
- President 
- Vice-President Hockey for Life 
- Vice-President Safe Sport 
- Director Coach Development 
- Director Membership Growth 
- Director Hockey Operations
- Director Membership Experience
At this time we have two candidates interested in the President role and the document below introduces both of them.
MWF President Candidates
Positions that have 2 or more interested individuals will require a vote by the Membership. 
All positions are open to interested candidates up until the AGM. If you are interested in volunteering please be sure to visit the MWF website for more details on the positions available and how to submit your interest. 
May 22, 2024