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Interest in submitting for a Board Position

Good Day, 
As we have previously released. Metro West Force is proposing changes in the upcoming AGM.
Should they pass, a new board will have to be elected. This will be done at the AGM should the new Governance and By-Laws pass.
The current Executive wanted to send a note to our Membership should anyone wish to express interest in running for one of the positions.
If you are unsure, we will be holding an information session on how this will look. We have submitted instructions on how to register and participate in a different email.
If you are interested, please send an email to elections@metrowestforce.com .
Please include the specific position you are interested in running for. You will have time to submit for a position after the information session should you wish to attend to gain additional information on the position you have interest in. 
We ask that people who are expressing interest do so on or before July 1st to allow the agenda and election details to be finalized.
Metro West Force has obtained the assistance from someone outside of the current board to compile the names and conduct the election at the AGM.
We strive to provide a fair and equal opportunity to anyone wishing to be involved. We hope to attract people who have a passion and interest to consistently and innovatively push the game to the next level. We firmly feel our Membership and Players deserve it. 
Metro West Force Executive
Jun 10, 2022