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Safety Release For Return To Hockey


Welcome back to hockey everyone!


Even though we are coming back to a limited degree, we are back nonetheless.  Based on the current restrictions put forward by Hockey Nova Scotia and Public Health, we are required to change our road back to the rink.  How we need to do this is as follows:


1. No spectators at any events.  This is a HNS Mandate.


2. Cohorts. The current restrictions require independent groups of 10. This includes coaches in the numbers. These groups are non-interchangeable once set and will be decided by the coaching staff of the teams. This will be for the overall term of restrictions, not the current ice session. For usual groups, ice can obviously split in the middle. For larger groups such as U7/U9, we can divide in groups of 3 using the blue lines unless restricted by the facility. If we are made aware of an issue, we will communicate with the affected group. MWF will not permit more than 3 groups.


3. Player preparedness. In order to maximize groups on the ice at all levels, MWF has decided that players must come ready to go minus skates. No locker rooms will be used. If we use locker rooms we will require an independent set of locker room monitors for each room. For normal rentals we will only get two locker rooms. For cohorts of over two, this will be a problem. SO, be ready, and the ONLY volunteer required will be a safety rep until the players pass the door for all groups. The rep will be masked and distanced and will visually verify the player and off they go.


These guidelines are subject to change depending on MWF, HNS, Facility and Public Health requirements/needs. Please be patient, understanding and most importantly versatile. We are very much in a compliance state in our current day to day business. Furthermore, we are making the most of a bad situation and trying to do what matters the most. Keeping the kids on the ice!


Please stay tuned for further messaging from your teams on ice times, ice locations and assigned cohorts.


Metro West Force Executive

Jan 6, 2022